My world class breeding of Uhoo vom Mittelwest, IPO2 and daughter of VA1 Rocco vom Mittelwest to VA1 Peik vom Holtkamper Hof #8 in the workd and Lotta vom Mittelwest, SchH2 and VA1 daughter to the 2013 world champion, Chacco von der Freiheit Westerholt produced May 2014 litters of 10 and 5 puppies respectively.

My next planned breeding will be Uhoo to Chacco in October with puppies probably in late November or early December, 2014.

This is an exciting breeding of Chacco, an imported German shepherd from Germany and 2013 world champion to my titled VA1 daughter Uhoo with 1 reservation already received. Chacco puppies sell very quickly as do all my puppies.

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Both sires I have selected to breed my titled VA1 daughters to are imported German shepherds and have won in the world class championships (BSZS) in Europe as described below. Uhoo and Lotta were bred March 4, 6 & 8, 2014 and March 9 & 10, 2014 to Peik vom Holtkamper Hof and Chacco von der Freiheit Westerholt, respectively. 15 puppies (Uhoo 10 and Lotta 5) were whelped May 5 and 8, 2014, respectively. Puppies are show line
gorgeous red/black. Additionally, both Peik and Chacco have been DNA tested and found free and clear for the degenerative myelopathy gene and have their hip/elbows certified. Stay abreast of my breeding and puppy availability by joining my mailing list. Scroll down to see Uhoo & Peik puppies and Lotta & Chacco puppies. Click on pictures to enlarge and watch the videos of how playful the puppy is.

1. Uhoo vom Mittelwest, IPO2, is the daughter of the November 2012 Sieger show, VA1 Rocco vom Mittelwest, was bred to the May 2013 Sieger Show winner, Peik vom Holtkampfer Hof, SchH3. Peik is the only VA1 rated dog in the U.S. and Europe, imported from Germany and has participated in 4 world championships (BSZS) placing 8th in the world in 2009. Uhoo whelped 10 puppies May 5, 2014 (5 females and 5 males). Pictures of Uhoo and Peik's October 2013 litter in the photo gallery below. Please note the picture of how the puppy sold to the buyer in NJ has matured at 5 months of age. You can also own a puppy like her if you reserve your puppy now. Reservations are now being accepted. Uhoo and Peik October 2013 litter sold out prior to whelping so if you want to ensure you get a puppy from this breeding you are encouraged to reserve now. Peik's breed survey reads as follows and picture of this magnificent German shepherd follows:

"Expressive, well pigmented, healthy male of right size with strong head and pronounced mask,
high whithers, straight solid back, very good length and location of the crop, very good angle
positions, balanced breast conditions, long brisket, just front and steps, liquid, far redical, powerful
harminous course, safe being, TSB pronounced, does out, very expressive male with very good
character, angle layers and harminous far outreach movement."

To see the beautiful puppies Peik produces go to:

Uhoo and Peik produce equally nice puppies.
In fact, Peik's owners told me that Uhoo is the nicest U.S.
female German shepherd that Peik has been bred to!

Pictures of this magnificent imported German shepherd and Uhoo under this tab. This is your opportunity to own
a VA1 puppy from world class breeding. There is alot of interest already in this breeding. Please join my mailing
list if interested. A $500 non refundable deposit reserves your puppy and the order of selection is based upon
the order in which deposits are received. Your deposit may be transferred 1 time to another breeding/litter should
your puppy not be available, e.g. desire a male and only females whelped and vice versa, etc. Major credit
cards are accepted

Both Peik vom Holtkamper Hof and Uhoo vom Mittelwest pedigree may be seen by querying a "pedigree search" on

2. Lotta vom Mittelwest, SchH2, was bred to an imported German shepherd, VA1 Chacco von der
Freiheit Westerholt, who won the 2013 Germany world championship (BSZS), see his picture below
Lotta whelped 5 puppies (4 females and 1 male) on May 8, 2014. Reserve your world class puppy now The
world championship has between 1,200 - 1,300 German shepherds versus 200 - 300 in the U.S. Sieger
. Remember Chacco won the 2013 world championship! Please join my mailing list to stay abreast of
this breeding and puppy availability. Now is your opportunity to own a world class son or daughter!

FYI - Lotta's pick of the litter (female bred to Titan vom Mittelwest, 2010 Sieger Show winner) from
her April 2013 litter won the herding and breed 6 - 9 month old class at the Laurel Highland
Association, Cumberland  MD on October 18, 2013 and another female from the same litter placed
1st in 2 separate AKC shows in November, 2013.
This attest to the quality of German shepherds Lotta
produces and a puppy you will be proud to own whether for show or just family.

Early reservation on this litter are also encouraged because Lotta's puppies sell quickly and have always sold
out by 8 weeks of age.

To see the magnificent pedigree of Chacco von der Freiheit Westerholt and Lotta vom Mittelwest on perform a "pedigree search" query.

This world class breeding attest to the quality of my puppies. They
should be gorgeous red/black show
line puppies with high intelligence and excellent temperament for family or show potential.

A video of Uhoo's "Red" female and Dark blue male is shown below. If there is a particularly puppy you would like to see in video, please identify and I will post. The video allows you to see the puppy in motion and playfulness and support what I say about still pictures.

Although the $500 deposit is non refundable, should your choice of puppy, e.g. male versus female
or vice versa not be available or other reason for not choosing a puppy from the current litter (never
happened) you may roll your deposit over 1 time to the next or other available litter.
 Lotta's litters
have always sold out by 8 weeks. Early reservations are encouraged if you want to own a world
class champion VA1 puppy.
My puppies are VA1 sons or daughters not grandsons or granddaughters
and from world champion (BSZS) sires.
I will begin actively advertising these 2 magnificent world
class breedings soon so reserve your puppy now.

References are available upon request.

UHOO & PEIK Puppies Available


"Yellow" Ribbon Uhoo female puppy 7.18.14