4 M & 4F born 3-24-12

Titan, VA1, SchH3 & Lotta, SchH1

Sorry folks this fabulous litter sold out at 8 weeks as all my litters do!

Lotta is in CT preparing for her SchH2 and breed survey in mid-June. She will be bred again this year and puppies expected before Christmas.
Reserve your puppy now for $500 and receive $200 discount toward the starting purchase price of $1,800. She will be bred to either Titan again
or another VA sire. If no puppies or a puppy of the sex you desire your deposit will be cheerfully refunded.

males and 4 females born March 24, 2012. These are going to be deep red/black beautiful show line German Shepherds

2010 Sieger VA1 Titan vom Mittelwest, SchH3, Kkl1a, was bred to Lotta vom Mittelwest, SchH1, AD, BH, 1a on January 25 & 27, 2012.

This is a premier breeding with 57 VA/V designations in 4 generations (60 dogs) of pedigree and of course, the opportunity to own a 
Sieger VA1 puppy! The VA/V title designation is only awarded at a Sieger Show. Titan won the 2010 Sieger Show with the VA1 rating!

$1600 plus shipping. 

The first male puppy sold March 21, 2012 (litter due March 28, 2012.) This litter will sell out quickly because of the exceptional breeding and
the chance to own a Titan puppy. Early reservations are encouraged. 2 male puppies have sold as of April 30, 2012 . Do not miss out on
owning a Titan son!

I strongly advise that you click on the puppy picture to enlarge them and see more clearly their red/black features. As the puppies grow more of
the red markings will show.

Credit card (VISA or Mastercharge) accepted thru PayPal and of course we always like cash.

Available Female Puppies

Titan VA1 Available Male