Imported Titled German Shepherds

We are a quality German Shepherd breeder with only imported titled German Shepherds. We have provided the pedigree database website for you to verify the quality of our Shepherds. Our Shepherds have the "a" stamp from Germany indicating hip certification and are raised in a family environment rather than a kennel 24/7.

Compare the pictures of our Shepherds, their puppies and the comments from our buyers and their vets and you will know you are buying a quality German Shepherd.

We offer a guarantee with our puppies and will replace the puppy "free" if conditions outlined in our guarantee materialize, e.g. male has only 1 testicle descend, etc. This and the pedigree of our puppies makes the puppy more expensive than other breeders and the adage is, "You pay for what you get."

Lastly, we try to ensure that the puppy is a fit with your family and we do reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone.

Please look at the buyers and vets comments to help you decide if we are the ethical and quality German Shepherd breeder you are looking for.

Gentle Shepherd with 2 year old

One of Quanda's puppies buyers sent me the following comments that attest to the family protectiveness of our shepherds:

"Schatzi is past 6 months old now. She has settled in very well. This pictures shows how gentle she can be with small children. I watch a little girl named ....., she is almost 2 , at naptime she was on one end of the couch and Schatzi on the other .... she (Schatzi) moved up to snuggle with ....They play very well together and she (Schatzi) is very gentle about taking treats from ....and not eating off her (....) plate. The other picture .... she (2 year old) climbed in the kennel with her (Schatzi) and closed the door ... now that is trust!"


Buyer/Vet Comments

Buyer of Quanda and Thor puppy:

...... You have proven to me, again and again, as I watch my Boscoe progress, that you are an excellent breeder. As I continue to learn more and more about the breed we both love and respect, there are those that are in it for the money, and then there are a handful of breeders that truly desire to make the German Shepherd Dog a better breed. I consider you to be among the elite handful that produce stellar animals, that care about their placement, and follow up to ensure that all is well.

My GS male, Boscoe, has proven to be everything and more than you promised. He is extremely intelligent, has the heart of a lion, and when he senses someone is hurting or upset, Boscoe displays a caring, sensitive side that is more comforting than any human on this planet. I would be just fine to surround myself with a dozen of your pups, raise them, breed them, and pass along your gift to others.

As we have discussed, when the day comes where I can devote my time and resources to more German Shepherds, you are my only consideration regarding a breeder of choice. Good luck with the rest of the litter, and keep me informed. I look forward to seeing pictures and hearing how the pups are.


Buyer of the "purple" female from Isabell & Waldo litter:

As you can see, she has turned out to quite the Diva! I knew it when I originally saw her on your site.
We are so glad we got her! We really couldn't love her any more than we already do. 

When the vet came into the exam room, he said "now that's what a German Shepherd should look like"! Thanks again!
George, Krista & Trevor 


Buyer of the "blue" male from Isabell & Waldo litter:

Just thought I would let you know after having Jager for the past few days
that he is all we hoped for and more:) He's been so well behaved, except maybe when he bites my feet, but hey he's and puppy and he's teething. He has been very good at letting us know when he
needs to go out, sometimes just a subtle indication or he'll circle at the door. He has not messed his bed area at all, he just wimpers when he has to go so we just get up and take him out!

Jager is also trying to play with our cats and just walks away when they
freak out too much. He's been great at listening already, even at only 7/wks
old, and makes friends with all other animals and people we come in contact
with.....I must say that you and your son did a great job in socializing him
and preparing him for the separation from his family (which we feel horrible

Thanks so much for all you did for us in the weeks leading up to this!



Buyer of "red" male from Isabell & Waldo:

... almost two weeks that we have had Rex at our house and he has been wonderful. He gets along great with our other dogs and any visitors to our home. He is definitely the type of German shepherd that we were looking for.

It has been a pleasure to deal with you for the past several months. We will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a quality shepherd.

Someone Who Did Not Buy From Us

"The two shepherds we have are females. Neither … registered and … both spayed. We grew to respect, admire and love German Shepherds during our tours in Germany. … adopted XXX at 8 months and soon after found out she already had mild hip dysplaysia. … decided … wanted another shepherd for XXX; YYY (10 months old) … bought … from a lady who lived on a farm in ___ VA. YYY … wonderful dog however, … have had issues with leash aggression … working … with trainer and obedience classes. … when YYY on the leash and another unknown dog approaches that YYY reacts.

We have tried to learn from our experiences with both dogs, and realize that the next German Shepherd … needs to be from a quality breeder, as yourself. Temperament is really the key thing we are looking for in our next puppy. We feel you will be able to help match us with the right puppy when the time comes"