Schuthund Titles & Designations

To assist your understanding of the designation German Shepherds may receive as part of their schutzhund training I offer the brief description below.

1 Schutzhund (protective dog) Titles:

SchH1 (Schutzhund): Dog must be at least 18 months old and passed the BH test. Examination consists of tracking, obedience and protection. Course is laid out by handler as inverted “U” with 120 paces each leg and dog must retrieve 1 object at top of “U.” Course is laid out 20 minutes earlier. Novice.
SchH2: Dog must be at least 19 months old and passed the SchH1 test. Examination consists of greater endurance and difficulty with course laid out 30 minutes earlier by non-handler and legs are 130 paces apart. Intermediate.
SchH3: Dog must be at least 20 months old and passed the SchH1 and SchH2 test. Course is laid out 60 minutes earlier and there are 4 turns and dog must retrieve 4 objects. Mastery.

2 Breeding Designations:

Kkl1 (Korklasse breed survey): Evaluation by Breed Ward during a Breed Survey. Dog is evaluated according to the breed standard, have one of the shutzhund titles and certified hips and elbows. Dog is especially recommended for breeding.
Kkl2: Same as Kkl1 except dog is suitable for breeding.


VA (Vorzuglich Auslese) rating: Excellent select awarded only at Sieger Show to top 10 -12 dogs and dog has no faults.
V (Vorzughlich) rating: Similar to VA but, excellent rating and dog must score 96 out of 100 on SchH event.
SG (Sehr gut): Highest award to dogs 18 – 24 months can obtain and designation for older dogs.

4 Others:

BH (Companion Dog Test): Dog has demonstrated mastery of basic commands, e.g. heel, sit, and down in the field and in traffic.
AD (Ausdauerprufung): An endurance test where dog must run 12.5 miles at average speed of 7.7 to 9.5 mph.
A1: Hip and elbow certification rating, normal best rating for breeding.
BSCZ (Bundessieger-Zuchtschau (German) World Championship): International German Shepherd Sieger show held in Germany abbreviation.