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vom Besten Deutsche Shaeferhund
(From the Best German Shepherd)

Puppy Reservation Information: TO BE DETERMINED (TBD)

The price of our litters are based upon the quality of our breeding. Our females are titled VA1 daughters breed to VA1 sires in order to provide you a puppy from the best." Additionally, we guarantee that puppy's hips/elbows will pass certification between the ages of 1 - 2 or you receive your purchase price toward the current price of an available litter. Currently, I am able use VA world champion (BSZS) sires. This is a class above the Sieger Show sires. Obviously, I can not sell $500 - $1,000 puppies from this quality of breeding, but you will have a puppy that you should be able to be proud of and people tell you "what a beautiful German shepherd you have."

A $500 non refundable deposit is required to reserve your puppy. The order of puppy selection is based upon the order that deposits are received. Although the deposit is non refundable I do allow you to rollover your deposit 1 time to another breeding. Money order, wire deposit or other forms of confirmed payment are accepted.

Pick of the litter (male/female): __ Yes  __ No
Male or female after pick of litter: __ Male  __ Female
Deposit is returned if the Dam does not conceive.

Puppies will have a vet health certificate provided at time of purchase/pickup/delivery/shipment and will be current on shots and worming at the time of delivery to the owner. Additionally, microrochip will be performed.

Payment Arrangements: Monthly payments can be arranged with 50% of the total price paid lasting no longer than 4 months. AKC registration will be held until balance of the payments are received. Credit cards now accepted. See "Home Page" for credit card and "PayPal" payments.

*Total purchase includes your deposit, but does not include shipping cost that can usually be arranged for about $325 depending upon the age of the puppy at the time of selection. Puppies are normally shipped at 8 weeks of age and obviously less expensive to ship a young puppy than older/larger Shepherd. Seller can arrange shipment to the nearest direct airport to the buyer or the buyer is free to pick up the puppy. Buyer is responsible to all shipping costs, e.g. transportation, crate, health certificate, etc that can be arranged by the seller for the estimated $150 fee (buyer only responsible for actual cost to ship). Insurance is recommended to protect your investment because seller is no longer responsible once the puppy is accepted by the airline. Buyer can elect to pick up their puppy directly or seller will deliver free within a 150 miles radius from Richmond, Virginia or for a fee ($25 every 25 mile increment beyond 150 miles) to further distances up to 300 miles. Thus, if the delivery distance according to mapquest were 190 miles to your delivery site, you would pay $50 (190 - 150 = 40, $25 for the first 25 miles and $25 for the additional 15 miles). This basically covers gas to go 300 miles round trip.

Reservations are limited:

Normally, we only accept 4 reservations/litter (pick of the litter and next 3 reservations) in order to maximize your chances that your puppy should be available from the litter. X-rays are taken at 7 weeks gestation. If X-rays reveal more than 4 puppies the reservation quantity will be increase/decreased accordingly. Distribution by sex uncontrollable but normally 50/50 (over time).

Guarantee: see sales agreement for guarantee information.

The buyer understands fully the information presented and agrees not to hold the seller liable for any misrepresentation or representation not previously disclosed or occurrence other than the guarantee, e.g. puppy dies in transit without insurance, etc. Additionally, only items stated in the guarantee are covered, e.g. hip/elbow certification, etc an no other guarantee is intended not implied, e.g. will win show enteries, etc.

Selection of Puppy: At 5 weeks of age via internet or visit.

Delivery of Puppy: At 8 weeks of age via shipment or buyer pickup or free delivery within 150 miles radius from Richmond, Virginia or Baltimore , Maryland.
Seller will deliver your puppy up to 300 miles for a $25 fee per each 25 mile increment or portion thereof beyond 120 miles.

Reasonable arrangements can be made for delivery of the puppy beyond the 8th week, or as mutually agreed, but beyond the reasonable agreement a $10/day fee to cover care and feeding will be assessed and the seller shall not be held responsible for the puppy for acts beyond reasonable control, e.g. act of God, theft, etc. Example, seller agrees to hold the puppy for 1 week beyond the normal 8 week pick up until the buyer can make arrangements to pick up the puppy (no fee); buyer calls and says he/she needs another week; at this point a $10/day fee would be discussed with the buyer depending upon how many days beyond the original scheduled 8 weeks age pick up date. If after 3 weeks beyond your scheduled pick up date, the buyer has not picked up his/her puppy and no prior notice given to the seller for the delay it will be assumed the buyer has abandoned the puppy and the seller is free to find another buyer without any compensation to the original buyer. Example, buyer says he/she will pick up puppy on the 1st; now the 22nd and buyer has not communicated to the seller and the seller has made reasonable effort to contact buyer without success; then on the 22nd the seller is free of any obligation to compensate the buyer and free to sell the puppy to another buyer. The buyer shall still be liable for the $10/day charge for the care of the puppy. Puppy shall not also be released/delivered to the buyer until all money has been received including daily care of the puppy if applicable.

Both the sire and dam of out litters are on site or click on the tab in order that you can see for yourself the beautiful parents.

This reservation is for the puppy from the litter of:
Sire (Name): __ Peik vom Holtkamper Hof  __ Chacco von der Freiheit Westerholt
Dam (Name): __ Uhoo vom Mittelwest  __ Lotta vom Mittelwest
Breeding timeframe: TBD (estimated)
Reservation: see reservation below.
Puppies whelped: TBD (estimated based on breeding)
Puppies available: TBD(estimated based on breeding)

I acknowledge that if there are no live puppies of my selection are available, e.g. no male, etc that my deposit will roll over to the next breeding of the female or my choosing a puppy from another litter. If after 1 offering of a puppy/litter I do not or cannot select a puppy, I understand that my deposit is forfeited. Deposits will only be returned if the Dam does not conceive.

____________________________ Date: ____________
(signature of buyer)
Name: _____________________________
Address: ___________________________
Email address: ______________________
Phone: _____________________________

You will be notified of your selection order and arrangements for receipt of your deposit must be made within 24 hours in order to hold your order. Reservations are responded to in the order received according to selection desired. Thus, we cannot be responsible for your reservation order if you do not respond promptly and someone else does. Example, you want pick of the litter but do not arrange the deposit within 24 hours after I notify you and someone else request the pick of the litter after 24 hours than the choice would go to the respondent. Time is calculated from the time and date of the email.

If your selection, e.g. 1st male, etc is not available (unless you pre-arrange, e.g. take next available male, etc) you will be notified within 24 hours in order that you may make another selection if desired.

I am pleased to inform you that your reservation selected above has been accepted and you have 72 hours from the date and time of this email to arrange the deposit delivery. Failure to arrange delivery of the deposit within this time frame could result in your reservation being cancelled and deposit forfeited unless prior arrangement is made.

Send payment to (unless other arrangements):

________________________________ Date: ____________
John L Newbill 804 586-7111 (C)
PayPal, major credit card or mail to:
9504 Gray Mouse Way
Columbia, MD 21046

(NOTE: I have tried to answer any questions regarding your reservation and I know the explanation is long, but is comes with many years of varied experiences (mostly good, but a few bad) that I want to protect you and our Kennel. Thanks for your understanding. Please contact me if you have further questions.)

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