"Blue" Male Owner's Comments

Bought "Blue" male puppy from Isabell and Waldo whelped April 21, 2007. Comments written June 12, 2007.

Good morning John,

Just thought I would let you know after having Jager for the past few days
that he is all we hoped for and more:)

He's been so well behaved, except maybe when he bites my feet, but hey he's
and puppy and he's teething. He has been very good at letting us know when he
needs to go out, sometimes just a subtle indication or he'll circle at the
door. He has not messed his bed area at all, he just wimpers when he has to
go so we just get up and take him out!

Jager is also trying to play with our cats and just walks away when they
freak out too much. He's been great at listening already, even at only 7/wks
old, and makes friends with all other animals and people we come in contact
with.....I must say that you and your son did a great job in socializing him
and preparing him for the separation from his family (which we feel horrible

Thanks so much for all you did for us in the weeks leading up to this!

We'll send updates with some pic's sometime soon.

Thanks again,


"Red" Male Owner's Commnets

Red Male Puppy Buyers Comments 6.21.07:
It has been almost two weeks that we have had Rex at our house and he has been wonderful. He gets along great with our other dogs and any visitors to our home. He is definitely the type of German shepherd that we were looking for.

It has been a pleasure to deal with you for the past several months. We will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a quality shepherd.

Thanks again.

Pat & Sharon Timmons

"Purple" Female Pick of Litter Comments

Owner's of the Pick of the Litter "purple" female from breeding Isabell and Waldo. Commnets 8/2/07

As you can see, she has turned out to quite the Diva! I knew it when I originally saw her on your site.
We are so glad we got her! We really couldn't love her any more than we already do.
Thanks again!
George, Krista & TrevorĀ 

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