2016 Breeding Program

Currently, the Schumann and Uhoo April 30, 2016 litter has sold out. My next breeding Of Schumann has taken place September 21 & 22, 2016 with puppies expected late November. Please see the "2016 Breeding" tab for more information on this excellent breeding. My litters normally sellout prior to whelping. Join my "want list" to reserve your puppy.

Schumann von Tronje is the 2014 world champion and winner of the 2015 U.S. Seiger show. He is a top producer with 13 of the top 100 puppies in 2015 were his puppies. If you want a son or daughter sired by a world champion, please see my 2016 Breeding tab.

I am accepting a "want list" until the puppies are whelped than a $500 non refundable deposit is required. Although non refundable I do allow you to rollover your deposit 1 time should you not be able to select your puppy.

My puppies sell out quickly because of the quality of breeding. 

Major credit cards are accepted via PayPal. If you elect PayPal please send money as "a friend." 
Successful breeding of German shepherds depends on the timing of the female's season for optimum progesterone level and a proven sire/stud based upon the type of breeding taking place.

The female's season/cycle last approximately 65 days. The progesterone level staring at zero with the first sign (blood discharge from her vulva) and increasing to 65 to maintain pregnancy and start again if not breed or unsuccessful. First, no female should be bred before 2 years of age. Ovulation of the egg occurs at a progesterone level of 5.0. The egg needs 2 days or 48 hours to mature before fertilization can take place. Thus, you can breed too soon or too late depending on the progesterone level after reaching 5.0.

The type of breeding effects when breeding should take place in order to optimize a successful breeding. Types of breeding are: 1. natural between the male and female, 2. artificial insemination of the female with the male's sperm, 3. insemination with chilled semen either by trans cervical insemination (TCI) or surgical insemination by insertion of the semen where the fallopian tube meet the uterus, 4. frozen semen with surgical insemination. The timing of these breeding is different and clearly identified by the spreadsheet/chart that I have developed after many years of breeding and can be made available to you for a small fee.

Successful breeding using my spreadsheet/chart ensures your maximum opportunity for puppies, increases your opportunity of larger litter, and less disappointment of potential buyers.

If you have had an unsuccessful breeding your female should be checked for health issues, e.g. culture and sensitivity test, thyroid, lyme disease, mycroplasm, brucellois. If negative  than your female should be fertile. If positive your female can be treated or the vet may advise you your female is incapable of breeding.

The male you use should be proven (had other successful litters), have high sperm count (above 750 million), sperm is healthy and viable (many swim in all directions under the microscope rather than in circles), sperm tail is wiggly rather than curve.

Now you are ready to breed based upon the female's progesterone level, type of breeding you have chosen, and chosen a vet familiar with the type of artificial insemination you have chosen.

Longevity of the semen. Natural breeding and fresh artificial insemination done at the time of collection between the male and female the semen can last up to 7 days. Chilled semen lasts between 24 - 72 hours after collection so the timing of the shipment and availability of the vet for the procedure select must be factored in. frozen semen last only 12 to 24 hours and timing is critical for the shipment and vet availability.

My spreadsheet/chart has even been used to produce a successful breeding of 9 puppies with frozen semen maintain for 20 years from a highly successful champion sire.

if you have Microsoft excel usually available on most computers and desire my spreadsheet/chart to assist you in producing successful breeding(s), please send me your email address and $30 via PayPal (as a friend) and I will send you the spreadsheet/chart and the information timing based upon the type of breeding you can use.
Enjoy the excitement of successful breeding for this small fee that is more than compensated by your litter.

You can find the PayPay icon/logo at the end of my "Home" page.