Occasionally, I affiliate with buyers of my puppies to assist them. These are German shepherds that were bought from either of my VA1 daughters and titled  females, Uhoo vom Mittelwest, IPO2 or Latta vom Mittelwest, IPO2 that I can attest to the quality and pedigree of these puppies. This also offers the buyer to purchase a quality puppy at a lower cost, e.g. $1,500 - $2,000 versus my costs, e.g. $3,000 - $3,500.

Currently, there are 3 puppies available from donofriogsd.com (1 male and 2 female). Please see pictures of these very nice red/black puppies ready for your home. Puppies were born January 14, 2017 and are now 8 weeks old. Click on their picture to enlarge.

More pictures can be seen by scrolling below and more information can be seen at their website, donofriogsd.com.

You may contact DonofrioGSD by:

email.com: colleendonofrio@gmail.com or
phone: 419-824-5407.