2016 Breeding Program

My titled VA1 daughter, Uhoo vom Mittelwest, IPO2 and daughter of the 2012 U.S. Seiger show, VA1 Rocco vom Mittelwest, was bred September 20 & 21, 2016 to the 2014 world champion and 2015 U.S. Seiger show, VA1 Schumann von Tronje. A "Want List" now being accepted for puppies from this breeding. Deposit is not required until pregnancy is confirmed. My other titled VA1 German shepherd, Lotta vom Mittelwest, SchH2 was bred to Schumann on October 27, 2016 and puppies expected December 28, 2016 and available February 12, 2017.

The Uhoo/Schumann breeding is a repeat breeding of my April 30, 3016 litter. Puppies would be expected around November 22, 2016. Uhoo & Schumann's April, 2016 litter sold out prior to whelping. If you want a world champion sired puppy by a titled VA1 daughter, I recommend joining my "want list."

Pictures of Uhoo and Schumann puppies shown below, so continue to scroll down. Schumann is a gorgeous deep red/black show line shepherds with excellent temperament as are my females.

Schumann is an imported world champion German shepherd from Germany and won the 2014 world championship and the 2015 U.S.Seiger show making him the only current imported German shepherds VA1 in Europe and the U.S.  FYI - the "VA" title designation (excellent select) is awarded only at a Sieger show to the top1-14 shepherds. The Sieger show is comparable to the Westminster Kennel Club show but only for German shepherds. In the U.S. there may be 200 - 300 German shepherds, but in German at the world championship there may be 1200 to 1300, so those shepherds are the best of the best. Additionally, the AKC and U.S. schutzhund clubs recognize the European title the German clubs do not recognize the U.S. titles due to the level of competition. Thus, a European designation of "VA" the shepherd has competed against 1200 to 1300 shepherds versus 200 to 300 attesting to they are the "best of the best."     

Reasons to buy my sired world champion puppy:

1. One of the best breedings available within the U.S. based on pedigree of a world champion imported sire to my titled VA1 daughter dam that can be verified from pedigreedatabase.com. My kennel name, vom Besten, stands for "from the best" and this is my breeding philosophy to breed to the best to provide you the "best puppy."
2. Hips/elbows certification guarantee.
3. The breed survey of sire and dam are Kkl1 (recommended for lifetime breeding.) A breed survey is conducted by a SV judge to determine how the shepherd's conformation measures against the breed standard. The Kkl1 rating is the highest awarded. Thus, your puppy should meet the breed standard.
4. My females,Lotta, and Uhoo, have been tested and found free and clear of the gene for degenerative myelopathy (DM) that adversely effects dogs around 7 years of age and older. Thus, your puppy should not suffer from this condition.
5. Reasonably priced based on the quality of breeding and world champion sire.
6. Your puppy is a son or daughter of a world champion German shepherd not a grandson or granddaughter.
7. Schumann is a deep red in color with excellent conformation. Uhoo and Lotta are also deep red and deep red/black puppies are expected.
8. Pictures of the sire and dam can be seen below. Don't you want a puppy that will look like them?
9. Vet health certificate to attest the puppy is in good health at the time of your acceptance of the puppy.
10. Full AKC registration with no extra costs or constraints.
11. Schumann puppies placed 13 of the top 100 in Germany during 2015. He is truly a top producer. 
12. I am a breeder that will stay with you after the sale and many potential buyers tell me, "You are one of the few breeders that will talk to me." I want you to help you make the best choice whether you buy from me or not.

If the breeder you are considering buying your puppy from does not guarantee hip/elbow certification, pedigree cannot be verified, and does not have a breed survey for the parents than "buyer beware" you pay for what you get.

This is your unique opportunity to own a puppy sired by a world champion.

Usually I receive 4 - 5 reservations prior to whelping and the remainder of the puppies are sold by 5 weeks of age. Everyone wants a Schumann puppy!

You can see Schumann von Tronge, the 2014 world champion in motion and his truly deep red coloring at:


Several of my puppies have been bought by other breeders and have had excellent results in the ring. Whether for sport or not my puppies make an excellent family pet. Make your reservation soon. I am accepting a "want list" for both litters until pregnancy is confirmed at which time a deposit will be required. 

If interested in this breeding please join my mailing list to stay abreast.

My puppies are priced as follows:

Uhoo/Schumann and Lotta/Schumann: pick of litter male/female: $3,500 others from $3,200 - $3,400.

I do not advertise my puppies until they are whelped and all are sold by 8 weeks of age, so if you want aa world champion sired puppy I encourage you to join my "Want List." The early bird gets their Schumann puppy.

A "Want List" (no deposit required) is now being accepted. Once pregnancy is confirmed by x-rays at 7 weeks gestation your $500 deposit will be required to retain your position on the "Want List." Payment can be made via major credit cards thru PayPal at the bottom of my "home" page.

Thank you for your interest.

Degenerative Myelopathy DNA Test

Case Number: 49960

Owner: John Newbill

 Canine Information

DNA ID Number: 90240
Call Name: Uhoo
Sex: Female
Breed: German Shepherd DogCoat Color: Red, blackRegistered Name: Uhoo vom Mittelwest
Registration Number: DN31764804

Report Date: 10/13/2014
DNA Result: Clear (2 copies of the normal allele)

Matt Shaunessy, Senior Scientist

Shumann & Uhoo Puppy Pictures

Chacco & Uhoo Pictures